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Hi, welcome to my webpage. My name is Jefferson Hansen, and I have been publishing poetry, fiction, and essays since 1988. Notice of and links to my most recent publications appear on this page. For older publications, go to the "Publications" page listed to the right.

My latest book is entitled 100 Hybrids and is published by Post-Asemic Press. I thank the editor and publisher, Michael Jacobson. It has been taught for a few years in a contemporary literature course at a university. It can be purchased at Amazon and, occasionally, at  Magers and Quinn bookstore in Minneapolis. Bookshop also has copies for sale. It is also available at the shop at the Minnesota Center for the Book Arts (612-215-2520). Below is a short video of me reading a few poems from the book.



"This book is a journal of the poet's resilience trying to find what isn't here and what isn't now with sharp, melancholic entries. My quick blurb is that 100 Hybrids is pithiness on acid! Each independent, single-paged stanza—which range from vignettes about isolation to short slam eruptions—is framed by alien glyphs that complement and defy the words they contain. Some hybrids have coastlines or sit within broken mazes, but Jeff places most of his poetic observations within intuitively-prompted or automatic symbols that express other sounds, interactions, and/or meanings. Several of the frames remind me of Erich Von Daniken's Rolodex; others of Lemuria; most that our words, facts, and realities are limited and limiting. Genuinely fun and thoughtful tangents that don't lead to Rome. I took this book on a trip, and it returned the favor.

                                                            --Thomas M. Cassidy

Jefferson Hansen also publishes under the pen name Jake Reeds. Jake Reeds is sometimes a ghost, and sometimes a mere schtick—if there is a difference. A list of "his" publications appears at the provided link.


The Figments Are Here (Post-Asemic) 2022, poetry

"Formica" is a story-poem which will appear in The Figments Are Here. (Click name for link.)

Below are two videos of me reading poems that will appear in the book.


Current Interest

The Circulatory Press (as Jake Reeds)

Recent Internet Publications


Three poems in Big Other thanks to editor John Madera

Poems on The Post-Asemic Blog that appeared in 100 Hybrids, thanks to editor Michael Jacobson

Poems at Brave New Word that appeared in 100 Hybrids, thanks to editor Volodymyr Bilyk

Recent Reviews Written by Me


Asemic: The Art of Writing by Peter Schwenger in Rain Taxi, Volume 25, Number 2, Summer 2020. 


Reviews also used to regularly appear on my discontinued blog, The Altered Scale Blog, including "Tribute to the Critic of Tone-Jam: Remarks Off Charles Bernstein's Topsy Turvy"


Essays also appeared on that blog. A good example is "Against Science as Such: A Tribute to Direct Support Professionals"